Writing software for SDR receivers - runs locally, remotely over the internet.
Share in over 30 years' development knowledge and finally take control of your listening experience!
DX Cluster

In 2004 I wrote a web-based DX Cluster using Perl and HTML. To my surprise it's still running, so I've tidied it up.




SDR-RADIO.com is a Windows console for SDR receivers and transceivers. Designed for the commercial, government, amateur radio and short-wave listener communities, the software provides a powerful interface for all SDR users.


SDR-RADIO.com GmbH is working very closely with RFspace Inc. of Atlanta, Georgia, USA to bring you the best SDR experience available today.


The software is being continually developed with new features added on a regular basis. You do not need a licence to use this software with RFSPACE, FUNcube Dongles, Soundcard (SoftRock) and low-end SDRs.

SDR Recordings

A lot of recordings are available on my YouTube channel. Here is a recording of real amateur enthusiasts with various radios, the recording was made over the internet using a remote SDR-IQ and active antenna located in Poole, Dorset.


The YouTube channel contains many more interesting recordings featuring the good, the bad and sometimes the very ugly.